Preparing: Currently utilizing an adjusted

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    Preparing: Currently utilizing an adjusted DC setup. 3 day split, weights on m/t th/f...considering adjusting this more to a M/T/W F (keeping Legs on Tues, and turning Ch/Sh/Tri; Back/Bi on M, W, F ) plan and exchanging a week of DC preparing w/a week of GVT training...not beyond any doubt just yet...

    Marry is normally kenpo/cardio/Ab ripper X (from P90x)

    Sat is either Kenpo/cardio/Abs or Plyo-X.

    Fleeting objectives: attempting to include however much LBM as could reasonably be expected with constrained (ideally as yet losing fat mass) (otherwise known as incline bulk)...I have a few (high) trusts that by Max Antler Pro adding LBM to my abdominal area that it would then take up a portion of the "slack" of free skin I have on my stomach, I was your great large/languid child/adolescent until approximately 20 years of age when I began working hasn't 'snapped back' like it ought to have.

    Long haul objectives: might truly want to be around 185 (to begin), and see no less than a 4 pack...when running Ab Ripper X, I get the main 2 to pop out some....

    Objectives for this log: Very intrigued to check whether the expanded GH generation of Ghenerate/IGH-1 will help in skin versatility. I've beforehand utilized Powerfull, which I halted a few weeks prior when I started a Natradrol run which seems to make them look "puffy" on the stomach, no change on the scale though....second to that to add on as much LBM as possible....leads to

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