XenForo 1.5.1 Released Nulled

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    Xenforo 1.5.1 là một phiên bản cập nhật nhỏ được phát hành để chỉnh sữa một số lỗi và vấn đề được tìm thấy trong phiên bản Xenforo 1.5.0 chủ yếu nhằm gia tăng sự ổn định cho trang web. Xenforo đề nghị khách hàng nên nâng cấp lên phiên bản phiên bản PHP 5.4 hoặc mới hơn để tương thích hơn.

    Một số lỗi được chỉnh sửa trong phiên bản này:
    • When loading more profile post comments, show the deleted placeholder for deleted comments instead of it being expanded by default.
    • When navigating to an anchor link, adjust the scroll position to account for the fixed height header.
    • Fix for a server error in certain situations relating to user mentions which are too long.
    • Fix for some tags incorrectly receiving a weighting of 8 in the tag cloud.
    • Fix for improper touch device detection on IE Mobile and Microsoft Edge browsers.
    • Adjust permission rebuilding actions to avoid timeouts when possible.
    • When copying posts from a thread, do not rebuild the discussion counters for the source thread.
    • Fix for an issue which may see a new user not receive notification of their Welcome message.
    • Fix a situation where an invalid character could be displayed when stripping BB code from content.
    • Fix for incorrect multi-column display in certain situations in Chrome.
    • Changed the Facebook media site code to display in Facebook video format rather than post format.
    • Fix for alerts about profile post comments generated before the upgrade to 1.5.0 displaying incorrectly.
    • Prevent an "array to string conversion" error when logging user changes for custom fields which have changed type.
    • Workaround for an issue with some versions of iOS which prevented the search input from being focused on the first tap.
    • Limit the amount of ignored users imported to 1000 to prevent data length issues.
    • Ensure that following and follower lists only display the "more" button when needed.
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